Ali Malik

for social science councillor


I would like to first acknowledge the Anishinaabek, Haudenosaunee, Lūnaapéewak and Attawandaron peoples, whose traditional lands we at Western are upon.

I am a first-year student in Ontario Hall studying History with the hope of representing you as a Social Science Councillor.

My platform is focused on developing sustainable practices, building campus safety and improving mental wellness efforts for all students in our Faculty. These efforts will include advocating for reducing paper printing, better safety practises and more proactive wellness planning.



I want to challenge the USC to find more sustainable practises at The Spoke, The Wave and around campus. Shifting to biodegradable packaging shows that the USC is willing and able to consult more ideas in decreasing our environmental footprint.

I would like to encourage clubs and councils to go paperless in order to demonstrate that we act first in bringing change to a wider community at Western. This initiative will push for assignment submissions to be double-sided or online-only.

Campus Safety

I want students to have fun on campus and feel that there has been systems put in place for them to feel as safe as possible.

This platform includes, but not limited to sexual violence, violence and overall misconduct. I recognize that as there are efforts being made by the USC, there is always room for improvement in being more proactive throughout campus.
For example, resources like foot patrol have to be presented from the get-go at O-Week in faculty buildings and in residences.


For students to feel comfortable and well knowing that services are being streamlined for their health is something the USC should prioritize.

Fighting the battle of mental wellness comes with much stigma that is not needed. At Western, I strive to foster an environment that is positive throughout our clubs and events. This can happen with the help of promoting the work of on-campus organizations like Active Minds with being more integral to the function of student activities.

I would be extremely happy to discuss my ideas further with you! Stay up to date with more of platform as it will be posted on Instagram and Facebook first! #rally4ali